With the release of its South Korea edition a few days ago, the Taiwanese film Money and Honey, super wide-angle category finalist in the Busan International Film Festival, came with good news!


The Busan International Film Festival formally announced today (October 14) that the said film won the AND Distribution Support Fund. The film’s director Jasmine Lee Ching-hui will receive a cash prize of 3.2M (approximately NT$80,000)! As Director Jasmine Lee Ching-hui had to go back to Taiwan today to attend the opening ceremonies of the Woman Film Festival, Busan International Film Festival judge and Asian Network of Documentary (AND) director Hyo-sook Hong yesterday signed the AND Distribution Support Fund contract with her in advance.


Money and Honey is one of the recipients of the Busan International Film Festival AND Distribution Support Fund, a fund established to encourage the circulation of documentaries. Although the said fund is merely an incentive, Money and Honey director Jasmine Lee Ching-hui is extremely happy and said that the Busan International Film Festival is a blessing to her.


The popular documentary Money and Honey got offers from two major international film festivals at the same time -- the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival and the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam. Starting next month, Money and Honey is bound for Europe and the U.S for screening.

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