Baby is around forty years old with two young boys.

Her husband is an odd-jobman. Baby is a high-school graduate, and worked in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait as a housemaid. She returned to the Philippines when the Iran-Iraq War broke out. She worked in Taiwan for 6 years. Baby is very cheery and is good at using body language to express herself. She is one of the main characters of this film.



Lolita is forty-one years old with one boy and three girls. 

 It was her first time to work abroad. Lolita is petite, quiet, and staid. She came to Taiwan right after she graduated from high school. She fulfilled her duties faithfully without complaining. Therefore, she was preferred and trusted by her employer.



Marlyn is twenty-five years old with one child.

Before coming to Taiwan, she worked as a housemaid in Singapore after graduating from college. Marlyn is a pretty, clever, brave woman with a strong consciousness of being a migrant worker. Her story is the most dramatic one.


Arlene is thirty-five years old with two kids.  

It was her second time working as a housemaid in Taiwan. Amid the sadness of being away from her children, her husband’s affair came as a terrible shock for Arlene.



Onie is Lolita’s sister-in-law.  

With Lolita’s recommendation, Onie joined her in the nursing home. Onie longed for her homeland and family. However, her powerful mother’s love for children and grandchildren motivated her to work harder.

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